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What happens to your digital presence, once you´re no longer able to manage your online accounts? 


The New And Unique Social Media Platform!

What Happens To Your Online Accounts And Friends If You Have A Big Accident, A Serious Health Issue Or  If You Die?


Your online accounts will be still alive or they will be deleted after the provider get the information about your death. 

All of your photos, important documents, friends and maybe business contacts are lost for your family and heirs.

And maybe most important, money on accounts at paypal, online bank accounts or gambling platforms are not available for your family and heirs too, because they don´t know anything or much about your online life.

Don´t let this happen!

MyLastNetWill is like a legacy insurance for your digital privacy if you can´t go back online after a big accident, a serious health issue or if you die!

Let me introduce you this truly incredible NEW and UNIQUE Social media platform today.



We are all using the Internet to a greater extent these days – email, social media, dating, online games, online shopping, online banking, business and clouds. Our internet life determined more and more in our daily real life.

But have you ever thought about what happens to your digital presence, to your digital privacy, once you´re no longer here or able to manage your online, business and social media accounts?

Of course no one like to think about a own serious health issue, that we have a big accident where we can´t go back online for a long time, or that we die, but if it happen

  • what should happen to all of your accounts?
  • where can your family and heirs find important documents which you have saved online or on your computer?

Wouldn´t it be nice if

  • it is easy for your family to get access to important accounts and documents?
  • your friends will get the information that you have had a big accident, a serious health issue or that you died?
  • the one you loves would get a last email then from you?
  • you share photos and a kind of diary with the one you love?


MyLastNetWill is the answer!

With MYLASTNETWILL you have the opportunity to select what should happen to your online accounts and who of your heirs, family and friends can get access to which accounts and what should happen to those accounts, if you have a big accident or a serious health issue where you can´t go online for weeks or months, or if you die.

You decide who of the ones you love will get a goodbye message from you, or with whom you want share old pictures. 

So your friends will always get the information if something happen to you!

But why should you worry about access to your digital assets and privacy?

After all, if you simply keep track of your accounts and passwords and make them available to your executor, you should be all set … right?

Not so fast! Your beneficiaries may not have the legal right to access your accounts. Email and social media providers such as Twitter and Facebook have specific Terms of Service (TOS) that provide the legal baseline governing access rights to accounts. The access rights also vary by state. While you can control who gets access to your bank account, insurance proceeds, and mutual funds, you may have surprisingly little control over who can access your digital legacy … unless you make arrangements ahead of time.

If someone dies and his/her parents, partner, kids did not know his/her Yahoo! or Gmail email password, they were barred from accessing his/her email account by the specific TOS for that account. The ensuing legal wrangling to gain access to the account has put us on high alert that action is required now if we want to ensure appropriate disposition of our digital afterlife.

So if you don´t want that accounts, important documents, photos get lost for your heirs and friends

MYLASTNETWILL - is your insurance for your legacy!

How does MYLASTNETWILL work?

At the moment MyLastNetWill is only in german in a closed beta version available. The open version for everyone will come in April 2015 together with the english version. 

The Trustees   

  • You call us 2 trustees
  • These 2 trustees become an ID-card from us where your name, your membership number, a 12 digit code, a free-call number and an e-mail address from MYLASTNETWILL shown. If something happen to you, they must contact us. You will get the same ID-card too, so if you have an accident, the police or doctor can get in contact with us also. NO ONE of these people would get access to your accounts if you haven´t named them.

Your E-mail accounts

  • You give all your email accounts with the password in this category and specify which person can get access to this email account.
  • We need from every person you named the name, address, phone number and email address in this category.  Only this person will get access than to this email account.


You have a Yahoo! ID and want that your Dad take care of your Yahoo! account. You can write in a note what is important in this account.

You have a Gmail account too and prefer that a friend should take care of this account. So you named her/him. You can write in a note what is important for you in this account.

Then you have a msn-account too. This account you havent really used. So you want that this account should be deleted. MyLastNetWill or the one you have named will delete this account then.

Your Dad will only know your Yahoo! account and don´t know that you have other accounts too. The same with your friend.

Your social networks accounts

  • You specify at which providers and platforms you are a member and what do to with all of these accounts and who should get access to this account.

    You can say which friends should be informed in this network, which images, texts or videos on your profile remain public or if the profile should be deleted.

  • You can define for each of your accounts another person who taking care of your account.

    This ensures for an example, that person A knows nothing about the other accounts from you.


You want that your sister take care for your facebook account. You write a note what she should do with this account, which friends should get the information that something happen to you.

For your twitter account you want that your Aunt take care about this account. You write a note too, what she should do with this account.

Then you are on a dating-site too and you dont want that someone of your family know that you are on a dating-site. So you named a friend from you, that he will send out the information that something happen to you to special persons and then he have to delete the account.

Your sister will only know your facebook account and dont know anything of your other accounts. The same with all your other accounts and persons.

Your last messages

  • You can write up to 50 different last emails to family members or friends.

  • We only need the email addresses of these people. 


You would like to say thank you to an old friend, or want to write a message to your first love.

Your photo albums

  • Create several photo albums for family and friends. To each photo or album you can write comments and they will be shared with the one you love.

  • We need the email address of these people too.


You want to show your kids how happy you was with them. Write comments to the photos like: Do you remember the time in the park. I have never forgot that day.

Of course you can do that with every other person too.

Your family-friends diary

  • Write a kind of diary for special persons in your life.

  • These diaries would be send to the email addresses you named.


Write to a friend: Hey you remember the time we have had in 1999. Our trip to the beach was so awesome and your birthday party on October 2002...We have had so much fun. Thank you for beeing my friend all the years.

Your last will

  • You can write to your heirs a last will.

    Where they can find important documents for an example.
  • Please note that in some countries a legally valid will must be handwritten and be deposited by a notary.

The yearly fees for the membership at MyLastNetWill are 21,90 EURO or US$24.90

How did MYLASTNETWILL know that something happen to me?

After you have a big accident, a serious health issue or after your death one of your two trustees send us the information that something happen to you. 

  • We check it then if the information is correct.
  • If we gave got the certificate that something happen to you, we send the last messages you have written to the one you named us.
  • We send the information of every account to the one you have named us or we delete the account if it was your decision.

Why I have started MYLASTNETWILL?

The idea was born in 2010 after 3 friends of my kids died in different accidents.

The problem for their parents was, that they didn´t know anything about their online lifes and it has taken months to get access to some of their accounts. Other accounts have been deleted by the provider after they have experienced the member is deceased, without given access to the heirs. So all the contents were lost.

                                    I thought about how to solve this problem.


                                           MYLASTNETWILL was born!

For what will the Funds be used for?

The funds gathered using this fundraiser will be used to.

  • MyLastNetWill need servers and a licence for data encryption with 256-bit AES that we can offer the highest security standard which is possible.
  • MyLastNetWill will be in english too.

If we raise more than 50.000 Euro ($67,000) we invest the money in more servers, advertisement, employees and office rent.

If we get less than 50.000 EURO ($67,000) everything will be a number smaller.

What you will get

Risks & Challenges

Any new project carries significant risks, but compared to many crowdfunding campaigns, and frankly to our own first campaign, our risk profile is extremely low.

The greatest risk, truthfully, is the greatest risk for any new venture: shortage of funds.

MYLASTNETWILL will move ahead regardless of how much we raise with this campaign. Nonetheless, a highly successful campaign will allow us to:

  • Order more inventory sooner
  • Develop international versions sooner
  • Accelerate new product development
  • Gain traction ahead of the competition, if we get one.

The bottom line is that if you like what we're doing and can afford to support us, the best way to help us minimize the project's risk is to support MYLASTNETWILL IN ANY WAY IT´S POSSIBLE FOR YOU!

Other Ways You Can Help

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Thank you for your support!